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But seriously it is over….


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Unfortunately I was not able to red all 7 books I had in mind, due to my work schedule and other personal things going on. However I was able to fully read 3 books and I am more than happy with my result, since I read books that I really really reeeeaally wanted to for quite some time now.

Also due to my time zone I couldn’t participate in Twitter sprints either, but oh well life… :/


Lets jump to the books I read and the challenges I have completed!!! 


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(and NO! the red shirt and this gif is NOT what you think it is!!)


  1. Pick a book that has the letters RAMA in the title/author

for this one I read :



I am not going to say my thought on it yet, as I am participating in a book tour for this one and will post my review on the 16th of March.


2.Book with LGBT+ rep 




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I cannot stress enough how amazingly, awesome, lovely and great it is. I will write a full review about it just know that I gave it 5 stars and it is a fave!! 

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Cannot wait to watch Love, Simon and I am just going to leave the trailer here ^^ (cmon i love nick robinson he is my bae <3 love hiiim ok you get it)


3.New to you author 



This one was OK read for me, I will talk more about it when I post the review.

I gave it 3 stars

The last day of the readathon I started reading Peter Pan, however I went only 10 pages into it oh well I tried guys, I tried…

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no hidden meaning behind this gif whatsoever 


Now a bit of STATS 



Total books read – 3

Total pages read – 764

Total challenges completed – 3

How about you? Did you participate in this readathon and how many books have you read?

7 thoughts on “Read-O-Rama Read-A-Thon FINE!”

  1. Hey great job!

    Apparently I really need to pick up ‘Simon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda’. I swear I will at some point!

    ‘Lies my Girlfriend Told Me’ is one that I see popping up a lot on sapphic lists but I haven’t been sure if I’m into. I’ll be keeping an eye out for your review on that one!

    I managed to finish 5 books and start but not finish another 3. But I finished all the other challenges so I’m super happy!

    1. OMG you should pick it up!! It is beyond amazing I loved it soo much.

      I will be posting a review soon about that book. I am just waiting for it to settle down and fro me to be less busy lol

      This is great you did veryyy well and much better than me XD high five!

      1. Aw thank you!

        I had so much fun on this readathon. I swear I will get to it, probably well after all the hype has died down again. I enjoy being 12 steps behind everyone else 😄

  2. I’m not one for Readathons – I don’t like to feel that I have to keep reading if I’ve finished everything I feel like reading for the day. I’m glad you had fun though! 🙂

    1. Thank you!!!

      I did not like readathons in the beginning too, but I have come to realise that it helps me to get read of some ARCs and some books I have been planning to read for a while so I find it works this way for me and it is a fun way to interact more with other bookish people 😉

      If this is not your thing that is totally fine! <3

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