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OHH YEAHH you excited?? cuz I definitely am!!!!

This is my very first State of the Arc meme and you can tell I am E X C I T E D can you??

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This meme was created by the amazing cute person called Evelina at Avalinah’s books space! If you would like to participate all you need to is visit this page first ^^










A little breakdown with more detailed information:


  • I have read 25 ARCs
  • I have 27 left to read


  • I have read 2 ARCs
  • I have 2 left to read


  • I have read 8 ARCs
  • I have 4 left to read


  • I have read 3 ARCs
  • I have 3 left to read








  • 38 ARCs READ
  • 36 UNREAD

Sooo what we’ve got here is not a good situation, I am obviously pestering Netgalley and it seems my breaks are non functional…

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I NEED TO CONTROL MYSELF (but how can i?? when i seen so many arcs and read now books i wanna read and been waiting for sooo long??”!!! aghh the struggle is sooo real)

There are a lot of ARCs left yet and I MUST GET TO THEM!!  >.<



This month I knocked down in total of 4 books yey for me! I am moving slowly, but hey I AM AT LEAST MOVING LOL


These books were not necessarily a 5 stars read, but still enjoyable. The lowest rated one is Archival Quality to which I have 1 star, Maybe Never and The Lost Path received 3 stars, while Secret Heir 2 stars.


LOL now after bumping into the cruel reality I don’t feel as excited as before…

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I guess I need to stop requesting books from NetGalley for the time being, mhmm but cannot help it guys I am a NetGalley addict and I ain’t ashamed of this fact, but still… 

17 thoughts on “State of the ARC! for me #1 actually #7”

    1. True that, but oh well I had high hopes for some and maybe that was a cause too. Regardless it is ok though.

      Yess The lost path iss aghh the art is GORGEOUS!! Amazingly beautiful and I fell in love with the colours.

  1. Ooh good luck with tackling these ARCs! My ARC pile is honestly wild at the moment and I don’t even know how that happened…(I say while on Netgalley requesting too often.😂) But hey it’s hard when books just look so downright glorious right?! AHH.

    1. Thank youuuu!!!

      Tell me about it I am AFRAID of my ARC TBR!! But I cannot control my impulse to request more… WHYYY I seriously think, that there is something wrong me lol

      And OMG some books are just GORGEOUS (regardless cover or description or whatever you think might be considerate as gorgeous in a book LOL) and I cannot resist so damn right!! xD

  2. Hahaha, I love that GIF 😀 welcome to the meme! Glad you’ve joined 🙂
    Wow! Your stats are so similar to mine! I think I started out with like 97 xD but 27 left to read is not so bad 🙂 you’re doing great!
    I have noticed this on everyone’s State of the ARC posts – why is it so much easier to have tons of NetGalley books, as opposed to Edelweiss, for example xD everyone has this situation 😀

    Awwww wow, The Lost Path looks so absolutely cute! And the others look awesome, you read a lot of graphic novels, huh! I just find it hard to read on the phone, so I normally don’t request a lot of those.

    I hope you join us next month too 🙂 <3

    1. Thank youu!!!!! I love this meme thank you for creating it <3

      Hahaha well it is a but overwhelming knowing that there are still a lot of ARCs left, but at the same time it is not such a big amount at least for me.
      And yess this is so true we all gravitate towards Netgalley the most xD

      The Lost Path was cute and the illustrations was amazing I loved the colours and this year seems to be filled with graphic novels. I usually do not read much of them so I decided to change this a bit 🙂

      You can bet on this I will be participating in this meme all the time!!!

  3. I’m a NetGalley addict too! But there is hope for us, too! And I really love this meme, because it really helps to keep track of things (namely: ARCs and reviews!), so I hope to get better in the next months (and yes, stopping the request on NetGalley would be a tremendous help but ehy! I can’t work miracles! ;P)

    1. Hhahaa thank you for stopping by!!

      Andh hail us the Netgalley addicts xD

      It is really great and I find it extremely useful as well hail Eve for creating too she is our savior <3

      For now I keep myself away from Netgalley I want to read every ARC left and then go back there to submit my feedback .... (pray for meeeeee xD)

      1. We NetGalley addicts will conquer the world!!!! 😉
        And keeping away from NetGalley is a good plan, so I wish you good luck because it’s really hard! I would try it myself in March but I am not betting on my success! 😉

    1. Thank youuu and I realized this is some solid number out there xD

      The other thing is that on NetGalley you have the Read now thingy and I cannot resist when I find something I want to read sooo good luck on us hahahaha

  4. Whoo!! Welcome to the support group (because that’s pretty much what this is because we have ARC-requesting issues. I blame it on Netgalley :P)

    Anyways, your numbers, although they look large, really are quite great! I can’t believe how many you read in one month! Wow! Keep up the good work!

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