Heroes and Swords: A Noblebright Fantasy Collection

Do you know about Noblebright Fantasy?

Noblebright Fantasy refers to stories in which the main motivation of the characters is an altruistic proposal or quest, and the world in which they live upholds hope and the possibility of better. Noblebright characters choose to act with kindness and honor, are rewarded for their good qualities, and their world, although not perfect, is beautiful and valuable.

Brand new Epic/High Fantasy collection “Heroes and Swords”, brings you a selection of Noblebright stories with strong heroes and magical worlds that will take you back to the times of classic fantasy. Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll find!

Noblebright Fantasy Book: The Dark of Twilight.

Author Kate Danley: Where the idea for this book came from?

An email is the reason The Dark of Twilight exists. A simple invitation. A group of some of my favorite female authors were putting together an anthology called Shifters After Dark and were wondering if I wanted to play. Now, when I was a kid, I had this nightmare. It was so vivid that decades later I still remember it — half the world turned into werewolves at night, half
during the day, and one person didn’t shift.

I decided this would be the basis for my story.

For me, books helped shape my world view, so I wanted to talk about some deep stuff. I wanted to talk about what it’s like when you make a mistake and it results in something awful. I wanted to let girls know it is okay to leave relationships when they’re not right for you. And, lastly, I wanted a lead that was not a part of the privileged class in the hopes of creating empathy for those who face that challenge every day. Mostly, I hoped to arm my younger readers with the weapons to fight the real world monsters we must all face in this human experience called life.

Kate Danley
Kate Danley began her writing career as an indie author in 2010. Since then, her books have been published by 47North, she spent five weeks on the USA Today bestseller list, and she has been honored with various awards, including the Garcia Award for Best Fiction Book of the Year (The Woodcutter), McDougall Previews Award for Best Fantasy Book of the Year (Queen Mab), Best of 2014 by Suspense Magazine (M&K Tracking), and the 2017 Utopia Award for Best Anthology of the Year (Once Upon A Kiss – “Galatea & Pygmalion”). Her play Building Madness won the prestigious Panowski Playwriting Award and her play Bureaucrazy was a semi-finalist for the O’Neill National Playwrights Conference. Her works have been produced in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Canada, and the UK. Kate has over 300+ film, television, and theatre credits to her name, and specializes in sketch, improv, and Shakespeare. She wrote sketch for a weekly show in Hollywood and has performed her original stand-up at various clubs in LA. She learned on-camera puppetry from the man who played Mr. Snuffleupagus and performed the head of a 20-foot dinosaur on an NBC pilot.

Heroes and Swords: A Noblebright Fantasy Collection.

Heroes and Swords: A Noblebright Fantasy Collection
Want more Noblebright Fantasy?

In the spirit of the classic fantasy of Tolkien, Terry Pratchett and Brandon Sanderson, authors of Noblebright Fantasy all around the world have come together in this E-book giveaway. With stories that are uplifting and full of hope, and heroes who strive for goodness and fight to save their worlds, Heroes and Swords will transport readers back to the glory of heroic fantasies, fabulous quests and characters full of charisma and courage.




Heroes and Swords: A Noblebright Collection

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