Voiceless Book Cover Voiceless
Voiceless Duology
E.G. Wilson
YA, Sci-fi
Atthis Arts, LLC
July 11th 2017
Kindle, Paperback

Adelaide Te Ngawai was thirteen when Maunga Richards stole her voice.

Addy is plunged into silence when a high school bully inflicts her with an incurable disease that leaves her unable to speak, write, or create. Vox Pox—a man-made malady that’s been terrorizing the city for months. Resilient, Addy fights to survive. To not be silenced. But then her brother, Theo, is infected as well.

Desperate for any information that might help cure Theo, Addy follows Maunga into a newly developed virtual psychoreality simulator and discovers a conspiracy deeper than she’d ever imagined. How far will she go to save her brother?


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Now the blurb of this book is scam. Let me tell you this book is 90% useless descriptions of useless things such as ”she went into the water and then she had sand between her toes” and ”she cleaned her feet with the hoodie of her brother, but before that made an apologetic face because she would do that with his hoodie…. ‘, or a detailed tutorial on how to remove blood from various textile such as socks, skirt and boots! AMAZING thanks for that info it was very useful now I can clean blood strains should I ever need to. Never ending walking into the TheraRPG simulator or whatever where NOTHINGNESS is the main thing that HAPPENS

Aghh the painnn the disappointment and the anger are f///..ng real.

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Seriously this book could have been great, but this was not the case sorry to those who liked it, but to me it was a torture. I was sooo close to DNF it, but I decided to finish it because I like to challenge myself and this was the only reason why I finished reading it.

The only positive thing about this book is that it is set in New Zealand and it is always nice to see books based on different cultures especially on those you do not see often in books so this is a big plus.



The only interesting part was from page 1 to page 35 where something actually happened. Addy loses her voice and her creativity because she got Vox Pox that is infecting people at random and there is no cure for it. And a girl from her school Maunga has injected her this kind of virus. But then Addy’s brother gets Pox too and Addy now is seeking answerers and cure to help her brother. Ok hooked? Yesss because I was the premise sounded so cool and great and epic that I was like pleasee let me read this book I would totally love it, but ohh boyyyy I cannot even explain you the immense pain it has caused me. I was praying for it to finish and end everything.

I promise I will refrain myself from profanity, but I do not guarantee you there will be none, although I will censure them.

Everything started of good we had the 13 year old Addy with her voice stolen and how she is coping with that, ok but for f”’k sake where was the depression part? Where was the struggling part to adapt? Where was the consequences part of this so traumatizing event in the life of a 13 year old girl? Do I have missing pages in my copy??

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Because this is the only explanation I could think of…

Please, like please making extensive descriptions is ok, great I got to see more of the world or of the scene, but having an entire book filled with never ending descriptions about everything NO THANKS , just don’t nope. NO. It is boring, it has nothing to do with the plot and it is annoying like seriously f../;;;ng annoying.

I did not like it all, never been so disappointed in a book, even  Piglettes was better than this.. I gave it 1 star but this does not imply that you will not like the book, in fact it might be exactly your book and you would end up loving it!



Ok can someone enlighten me how did 3 years passed since Addy got Pox and only now she decided to confront Maunga in the TheraRPG simulation?? Like how did that happen and how did she got to get this program with the help of a classmate she barely talked to and no money….

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Did I miss it? Did I miss that part? Or do I really have missing pages?? o.O

How did Addy came to the conclusion that this simulator will help her find our why Maunga stole her voice and help her return it to her like WTH HAVE I MISSED! HOW DO WE GET TO THIS POINT?!!

Addy fell flat, with no depth at all, because we do not see any struggles due to the Pox, we do not see any interaction with Theo her brother, they spoke to each other like 3 -4 times in the whole book and she is ready to sacrifice herself for him… Like ok I get it he is her brother, her family, but where do we see their bond and love for each other?? I wanted to see thiss part! After the endless useless descriptions of what is Addy doing into the virtual simulator she meets Seth which is one of the ghost in the system oh btw she is now 16, because we skipped 3 non eventful years…. and out of the blue he offers to help her find Maunga and they go on a quest… yeah you can already imagine another endless descriptive part of their journey and nothing that has to do with the plot or hint what is going on. Finally they meet Maunga and surprisee Seth is her boyfriend!! That is not entirely him but a clone of the real Seth. And of course now you would expect something to happen right? Because Addy finally met Maunga but NO! Maunga tells Addy she is sorry for her brother and tell her how she and Seth get together and all that bullsh”t…I’m so angry atm.

Skipping because I just cannot write much I will end up in some nervous crisis or something.

At the end turns out that Maunga was forced to steal Addy’s voice a scientist in Breach (that is the laboratory that created TheraRPG) made her do it. And Maunga needs Addy’s help which I did not fully understood was for Seth but it turns out he committed suicide and he is alive only in the simulator… off I lost the track long time ago and basically Addy sacrifices herself offering Caroline the mad scientist herself as a testing mouse in exchange for the cure for Pox.. The motive you ask?? Oh THERE IS NO MOTIVE SHE CREATED POX FOR SCIENCE! Yep.. nothing else is explained just because.

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I don’t know what would make me feel better – to tear this book page by page or burn it page by page.

Basically yes this was my rant review, I hope you would end up liking it and would read the second book as well.

Thank you for stopping by! <3

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