Just a quick update on what I have read during the past few days of the 7in7 Readathon.

15th – Day 2

  • 30653853

on the 2nd day I just kept reading ^ and this brings me to


16th Day 3

  • I have finished The Upside!! 5 stars just loved it could not help my self and Becky actually liked my tweet that I am reading her book that was AMAZINGG. 
  • I changed a bit my TBR, #moodreader hello!! and started reading


As of now I am only 60 pages into it, there are some things that are annoying me, but cannot say much at this point.



I finished Superfail and it was a super fail for me I gave it 2 stars.. bellow is my


Ok… I thought this would be a funny read and I would totally crack up while reading it… oh well things did not turn out this way. If I was 12/14 I would have absolutely loved it, but the humour and the rest did not deliver to me not sure maybe I am ”defective” too??

Anyway despite that it did not work out for me if you are between 12-15 you might really enjoy this graphic novel so go pick it up and read it. Cmon there are superheroes that are not your normal superheroes!!

P.S. The artwork is amazing though


17th Day 4

  • The same day before midnight I picked up


and read only 30 pages before going to bed and on the next day aka TODAY

18th Day 5

  • I finished Taproot and it was the sweetest


I really did like this one. I finished it in like half an hour.

It was sweeet with a little bit of creepiness and lots of awe moments. It was a refreshing story and I am up for anything ghost related and romance no matter what kind of. I loved the diversity and the message it sends. I totally can see this having a sequel I’d love see more of Blue and Hamal and the Reaper!

There were some funny moments as well and it gets a well deserved 4 stars!

  • Currently I am reading


I’m 62 pages into it and I am bored… waiting for something to happen.



1,115 PAGES



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4 thoughts on “7 IN 7 READATHON DAYS 2-5 + MINI REVIEWS”

  1. WOW! You’ve done a TON of reading! I completely understand about #MoodReading and wanting to try something not on the TBR. O_o All the time. I’m sorry that SuperFail didn’t work out for you– I find that I really struggle with early MG literature. It often comes across as too juvenile for me!

    Good luck finishing your readatohn!

    1. I know rightttt I still cannot believe it although I am not sure if I would be able to finish all 7 books at the end. We shall see!!

      Yep moodreader since birth lool cannot help it. And I am very sorry, I usually do enjoy MG and early MG, but this one did not work out for me which is very sad because I loved the artwork and whole idea.

      Thank you Jackie!!

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