I always wanted to participate in a readathon and until now I never had the chance to do it. But now I am all ready for it!!

If you have no idea what 7 in 7 Readatho is, it is an event co-hosted by Lala at BooksandLala on YouTube and organized by Ashley at saidthestory. It starts on 14th of August and ends on 20th the same month. So basically it starts tomorrow! At least for me ^.^

You have to read 7 books in 7 days it could be anything, graphic novels, poetry, comics bellow are the links to the videos:



You can also check the Twitter account as well where there will be reading sprints, and so on at https://twitter.com/7in7readathon/media


Now, I have recently wrote about how ”good” I am at making TBRs, however as a mood reader I have a few books, graphic novels and poetry I wish to read currently so I am planning to pick them up for this Readathon! Half of them are ARCs that I have received from NetGalley and the Publishers, so I want to read them ASAP and I feel like picking them. Current mood ——>


Anywaysss here they are!!







These are my candidates, although I might change some along the way as I might no longer feel like reading some of the book, we shall see. I will try my best to stick to this and try to read at least 3 of the books during these 7 days!!! Wish me luck!!!




3 thoughts on “Have you heard about 7 IN 7 Readathon? I am in!”

    1. I know!!! 😀 And thank youuuuu I would need all the cheers hahah I am not sure that I will be able to read all of them,but I might change some books along the way we shall see I will post 7 posts for those 7 days wirh updates and one final one to wrap up! I am sooo exciteddd

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