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Nicola Yoon
YA, Contemporary
Corgi Childrens
April 6th 2017 first published September 1st 2015
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My disease is as rare as it is famous. Basically, I’m allergic to the world. I don’t leave my house, have not left my house in seventeen years. The only people I ever see are my mom and my nurse, Carla.

But then one day, a moving truck arrives next door. I look out my window, and I see him. He’s tall, lean and wearing all black—black T-shirt, black jeans, black sneakers, and a black knit cap that covers his hair completely. He catches me looking and stares at me. I stare right back. His name is Olly.

Maybe we can’t predict the future, but we can predict some things. For example, I am certainly going to fall in love with Olly. It’s almost certainly going to be a disaster.


I knew how hyped this book was and all I knew about it was that one of the main characters has a very rare condition that makes you allergic to pretty much everything and you cannot go outside and this already per se had me hooked up and so all reviews have been successfully avoided by me this entire time to prevent spoilers and any influences that might have alternated my point of view on the book.

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I just want to start with that I bought the book recently and devoured it in like 2 days because I had to go on an excursion to meet a friend otherwise this book would have been eaten the same day in one sitting it was that goodd it easily became a FAVE AND A BAE! 

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As already mentioned I dived into it without knowing much and this was the BEST DECISION I could have possible made, I loved Maddy’s voice and cmon her favourite book is The Little Prince which is my all time FAVOURITE BOOK, how could I not love her??!

The book format was really interesting the diagrams, diary like entries and e-mails and so on, this was very much appreciated by me ^.^

At the beginning I had some minor issues with the book, but they were all justified when I finish reading it and found out why certain things were the way they were and honestly I had my doubts and suspicious and I was more surprised by the fact that I was right rather than the fact that this ”thing” was in the book (does this make any sense? if not don’t worry just skip it and don’t think about it….)

Moving on.

The concept of being so sick that if you go out you might risk your life plus adding a cool neighbour that has just moved right next to your house sounded like catastrophe and boy I love me some good dramatic YA contemporary that would move me to the core I am always up for these kind of books and this one did not disappoint me… obviously.

Even though it did not made me cry like a baby like The Fault in Our Stars did I must confessed I was thankful for that (I was not sure if I was able to take another heartbreaking  story) this time my heart survived and got out undamaged so thank you Nicola!

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The main protagonists

  • Maddy – the book is narrated by her in first person I love her voice, her thoughts I just love it
  • Olly – the boy next door that has just moved in
  • Carla – Maddy’s nurse and friend
  • Maddy’s mother – a doctor that is very protective of her daughter for obvious reasons


Now girls and guys Olly is such a lovable boy you just wish to hug him and never let him go… yes I have a crush on him and Maddy is cmon she loves booksss she has read tons of them imagine you being home your entire life where your only escape of the reality are books and internet, but mostly books because booooks are better than anything else.

*i’m not sure what i’m doing, but when in a book they talk about  books it makes my entire being so happy that i must talk about it like non stop

So yeah Maddy could easily be my new best friend if she was real of course I know she is fictional but still… she is ma besty take it and do not question it.

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The relationship that was slowly developing between Olly and Maddy was adorable, pure, funny and just aghhhh all the feeels I was like *.* all the time my eyes were literally becoming hearts maybe they still are while I am writing this post o.O

The chapters were short and it felt like I am flying through the story, also Nicola’s writing style just hit me right in the frontal lobe ( handles speech production, reading fluency, grammatical usage, and comprehension, making it possible to understand simple and complex grammar in our native language.) Totally adored it.

We have a lot going on in this book, some things would surprise you, some would made you laugh and cry and other would just blow your mind and it will send your brain into otter space and made you meet Egyptians Gods and Goddesses I can’t evennnn explain you soo GO READ THIS BOOOK RIGHT NOW! 



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This is not much of a spoiler rather than a shock to me when I discovered it, but still it plays a big role in the plot of the hole story so I had to include it here.

Maddy’s father and brother have died in a car accident when she was just a baby and ever since her mother as doctor has diagnosed her with SCID (Severe combined immunodeficiency disorder) and has kept her inside their equipped house for 17 years now. By ”equipped house” I mean all those air purification filters, decontamination room and all that other stuff making sure that Madeline is secure from anything that might come from the outside and endanger her life in some way.

*Just a quick clarification here I read the book in Bulgarian, because I could not find an English copy here so I would not be able to name most of the terminology that is used in the book  in English. Apologies for that hope you would still be able to understand me though.. if nor just read the book and you would figure it out 


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Now Maddy’s life is the same she is home-schooling, she wears white, pretty much everything is white in her house, guess this comes from her mom that is a doctor they have that thing for white and stuff, she reads books she has probably read more books than anyone of us, she writes some short reviews about the books she has read and she plays scribble with her mom they have a very close relationship.

However everything changes when Olly and his family move next door. At first she kind of ”spy” on him given that his room is in front of hers. Olly writes his email on his windows and they start exchange emails and this is how their story beings. He asks her why she cannot go out is she is grounded or if she is pregnant which made me crack 😀 she tells him that she is very sick and cannot go out. I loved how cool he was about this and he is just adorable and he is soo good to her and understanding. Carla finds out that she has a thing with him going on and Maddy asks if she could meet him at least once, but Carla refuses. But hold on, out of the blue Carla tells Maddy that she must stay on her end of the room and he on the other side and no touching and thanks to good nurse Carla they both meet of course this is all happening without her mom knowing. They keep seeing each other like that he has a thing for the math and is very athletic, one day she sits right next to him on the couch annddd this how they first kiss and it is sooo cuteee ahhh.

Olly’s family is not perfect and there is home abuse by his father one day Olly in attempt to protect his sister and his mother starts a fight with his dad and thingS get ugly as Maddy watches Olly getting beaten she without thinking runs out and screams to his father to stop her mother takes her home and she eventually finds out about their relationship and fires Carla due to the risk she has exposed her daughter…

Maddy now has not internet and a new nurse, they invent new method of communicating as well and this is the time when Maddy leaves the house. And from here starts the adventure her life beings and everything is new to her. She lies to Olly by telling him that she is on experimental drugs that would help her to stay outside. And they go to Hawaii. Everything is great, they are having the time of their life and they meet Olly’s friend who lives in the Hawaii and he is gay!! Yeyy for another diversity in this book. You know what happens next when they are alone… kissing, romance one bed only… yep you got the idea. Everything for the first time.

Until on the second day Madeline gets very sick and she is sent to the hospital by emergency and she wakes up on her home with her mom. She is no longer seeing Olly now and one day she’s got an email by the doctor from Hawaii that is telling her only to her that she might not have SCID at all and she needs to seek a second opinion about it. We have the doubt now and she is questioning her mother and when she goes through her mom’s folders she cannot find any paper confirming she has SCID surprise surprise… her mother has kept her home with the excuse of the disease so she would not lose her like she lost her husband and her son… yepp this wassss the most shocking part that just blewwwww meee awayyyyy

I loved it and OMGG DID I WRITE SO MUHC??? O.O

In short Olly, his mom and his sister move back to NYC without his father and here is the ending I just had to share it with you this way


You see how much I loved this book haha but nowww let’s talk about the film



Good thing I read the book before watching the film… I actually have the book with the film cover, which is honestly pretty and I have no regrets ^.^

Oh boyy I loved the actors they choose for our main characters

Nick Robinson as Olly Bright and Amandla Stenberg as Madeline Whittier but my love about the film ends here…

There is nothing much I wish to discuss a lot of things have been changed and cut out. I understand it is an adaptation, but please don’t change most of the things it is just not OK and I totally hated it. If I did not read the book and went watching the movie without even knowing that there is a book I would have loved it, but this is not the case so if I have to rate the film I would give it 2.5 stars…. Sorry for those who loved it for me it was just OK


This is it thank you for reading!!!


How did you like this book?

Have you seen the film? What are your thoughts about it? Let me know!! 🙂


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