Guys!!! I just realised that my blog turned 1 year on 13th of June 2017… I forgot its birthday 

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Anyway, it has been a great a year for me, I met a lot of amazing people, read some awesome books, got to know great authors and most importantly I have found a place that feels like home – the book community, that I would like to thank for all those unforgettable moments that I will remember and cherish for a veryyy long time. 



It began as a website for my drawings, like a portfolio where I wanted to share my work and perhaps turn it into an online e-commerce website. However during that time I have discovered Goodreads  and needless to say everything has changed and hey 

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The begging 2016


Currently in 2017

Phewwww that took me like an hour to research and put together o.o


Thing I have accomplished (and I am proud of)

  1. I nearly finished my Goodreads Reading Challenge only 1 book left until my goal of 30 books is reached!!! 
  2. I got my First NetGalley approval for Breakwater by Catherine J. Payne and One of Us is Lying by Karen M. McManus
  3. Finally I read The Fault in Our Stars by John Green 
  4. I bought books some of the books I wanted 
  5. South Korea was my host for 14 days!!! Literally my DREAM CAME TRUE!!
  6. I managed to post reviews and read, regardless of my busy schedule. There is always time for book right? ^.^
  7. I got auto-approved from 2 Publishing Houses on NetGalley Резултат с изображение за so happy gif
  8. Karen M. McManus, Laura SIlverman, Adam Silvera, Kara Thomas, James Breakwell, Linsey Miller , Claudette Melanson have interacted with me on Twitter and liked my posts/became friends with me and I amm likeee Резултат с изображение за so happy gifРезултат с изображение за so happy gifРезултат с изображение за so happy gif
  9. I watched 4 seasons of Parks and Rec. hihih and I watched more animes so yeyyy
  10. I have moved to a new flat with my 2 cats 
  11. I am visiting more book blogs and booktubers and interacting more with my fellow book lovers
  12. I met awesome people over Goodreads – Paul CW (Read Think Ponder)Popi G.MischenkoKevinJokoloyo and more!! 
  13. For my biggest surprise I became #3 best reviewers and #6 top reviewers in my country on Goodreads and this is an accomplishment for me. 
  14. I drew more and spent more time with my family. 


Books I will purchase in 2017!!

One of Us is Lying

Little Monsters 

The Perks of Being a Wallflower 

Strange the Dreamer 

Saints and Misfits 

More Happy Than Not 

A Girl Out of Water

and the list goes on, but these are the books I want to have the most in my possession. They shall be mine!!

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The THANK YOU Project

This is a thing I have been planning for a while now and already put in practice. Basically it is a giveaway in a way with Bulgarian goodies and some souvenirs to the people I am grateful I have met this year in the book community and my way to say Thank you for the impact you left on me or just simply because you are awesome. 

I hope that this explanation makes sense to you o.O… Anywayyy the first person I have chosen to begin with was Paul from Goodreads I have linked his profile bellow you can check it out. He is an avid reader and awesome person! So thank you Paul! I hope you will enjoy the things I sent your way!! 

The people I wish to say THANK YOU if they are interested of course are 

  1. Jackie B. at
  2. Cait  at
  3. Marie
  4. Liv at
  5. Evelina at
  6. Sylvia at

Please let me know if you would like to participate, I would be sooo happy and glad if you do!! 

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In order to celebrate 1 year of book blogging and pure awesomeness I am holding an International GIVEAWAY!! I have selected 4 books people rated as most wanted and should you win you could pick up the book you wish!! 

The giveaway will be done through Twitter and Book Depository as long as they ship to your country. You can enter by RT and Following me on Twitter 


The giveaway ends on 10th of August 2017 and a winner will be picked at random, announced and contacted on the following few days. 


With this guys I thank you for taking the time to read this post, for supporting me during the past year and for simply loving books as much as I do and for being such an amazing community! Much love from Bulgaria!! <3




  1. CONGRATS!!! On man– this is a huge deal, your first anniversary. And you’ve done some AMAZING things with your blog. I couldn’t be more impressed. You’ve taken your blog not only in a different direction than you expected, but also in a much different direction than most book-focused blogs I’ve been reading. I love all the work you do with authors– Keep that up for sure. It’s one of my favorite things.

    Of course I’d love to participate! Do you plan on making this a “give it forward” kind of thank you plan? I’m just curious for a few more details.

    Keep up the great work, Lin! I love reading your reviews.

    1. Thankkk yooouuu soooo muchhh!! I wish I could hug you right now for all the awesome words you threw at me!

      And this is great to hear I am so glad you are interested in this project. I will make a new post explaining more about it and providing more details, but please do let me know what you would like to know.

      Again thank you Jackie you are amazing and I am sooo lucky and glad that we matched on SFATW so I could get to know you! <3 much love your work deserves to be known more as well

  2. Oh, this is awesome! Congratulations!!! It’s really too bad you forgot, I hope you make a point of putting it on your calendar for next year 😀 as for me… I am in this risk group as well! Hahaha. Because I know it’s October something… 😀 well, I guess, I will start looking around for my oldest post around October? 😀

    And thank you so much for featuring me! D’aaaawwwww I’m blushing now 🙂 my blog is even younger than yours!!! <3 you are incredibly sweet. I'm sorry if I don't visit enough, it's so hard to catch up sometimes! If you ever comment on my posts, don't be afraid to just tell me to get my ass over to your blog because you've posted this and that 😀 you can link drop all you want!

    You got two auto approvals?? Awesome! Which houses are they? I only have 1, but that might be to do with the fact that I'm international and they can't always give it off to Europe (or at least, that's what I tell myself xD)

    Goodreads also does that country thing. My country is so small, I'm #2 followed, lol xD although there are quite a few people who post reviews often, so they are higher on the reviewers list 😀 they are almost all my friends though, haha!

    YOU ARE SERIOUSLY MAKING ME WEEP HERE WOMAN. ;_______; you are the sweetest! Of course I'd like to participate, oh my gosh 🙂

    1. Thank youuuuuu Eve!!!! Yess it is veryyy bd hahaa, but still I managed to cover it up shhhh 😀

      And heyy October is fast approaching you better not do my mistake haha

      Of course I would feature you, you are great and I have been keeping an eye on you on GD (I promise I am not a creep) and thank you soo much for the recommendations you made to me. Nothing to worry about I wasn’t visiting much either, but I would definitely do more blog hops and yours is already on my fave list!!

      Yesss OMG I did and this was soo amazing for me, in fact I was sooo worried that I might never get approved a book from Netgalley but miracles happen 😀

      This is awesomee it doesn’t matter though you are still on 2nd place, ^.^

      Again thank you sooo much for stopping by and for being great!! I will contact you with further details on the THANK YOU project stand by!!


    1. Elise!!! THANK YOUUUUU!!! I wish you the sameeee and muchh bookish love <3

      And yessss Parks and Rec is amazing I love it soooo much and ofc Chris Pratt is amazing *.*

      Once again thank youuu sooo much

  3. AHHH CONGRATULATIONS LIN, one year is such an accomplishment. It is so heartwarming to read all that book blogging had brought you so far, and I can only hope it continues to be this way for you <3 < 3
    I am so, so honored to be mentioned on here, Lin! You are honestly the sweetest, it would be an honor to participate, I am sooo curious about what the details of this project are 😀

    1. Thank youuuuuu sooo much Marie this means a lot to me and I couldn’t be more happy that you stopped by!

      This is amazing to hear I have been wanting to do this project for some time now, but wasn’t sure how to organize it and if YOU guys would like to participate. So I am soo glad and thankful that you have agreed to this.

      Soon I will posting a post with more information about it!!
      Once again thank youuu <3

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