Breakwater Book Cover Breakwater
Broken Tides
Catherine Jones Payne
Fantasy, YA, Mermaids
Fathom Ink Press
May 30th 2017
Paperback, ebook
Netgalley publisher Fathom Ink Press

A red tide is rising.

As the daughter of one of the mer-king’s trusted advisors, seventeen-year-old Jade has great responsibilities. When her fiancé murders a naiad, plunging the underwater city of Thessalonike into uproar, tensions surge between the mer and the naiads. Jade learns too late that the choices she makes ripple further than she'd ever imagined. And as she fights against the tide of anger in a city that lives for scandal, she discovers danger lurking in every canal, imperiling her family and shattering the ocean's fragile peace.

Can the city's divisions be mended before the upwelling of hate rips apart everything Jade loves?



Alright, this was the first mermaid based book I have ever read. I looked at the cover and I was like woww I love it little did I know that I would like the story as well. 


Just look at the cover 

(pic not  mine)

Ins’t it gorgeous??? 

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Yeah once you have finished admiring it you can move on… take your time ^.^


Everything was new to me in this book that grabbed me since the very beginning and it did not disappoint me until the very end end. I loved the way the author displayed the main characters and focused on some issues related to discrimination, social ranking privileges and the value of the family. The relationship between Jade which is our courageous young mermaid that fights fearlessly for the things she believes in and her little brother felt so real and relatable. She would self sacrifice herself for his sake and honestly who wouldn’t do the same for their sibling/s? 

HelpGood sisters love has no labels siblings day GIF

The world building was very very interesting despite the fact that actually I am terrified of water (yes.. it is true, but like a real warrior I embraced my destiny and enrolled into the deep waters)

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 The storyline was consistent full of surprises and unexpected turn of events that made me turn the pages one after another it was like I was possessed and simply could not help it. I had to devour that book (not literally though, first the book is in e-format and secondly the cover is too awesome…)

I certainly did not expected the end of the book to be so abrupt and I would definitely wait for the second one to come out and hopefully I would not die out of curiosity by then.

If you are into mermaids, political conflicts and love you must read it!! 


I big thank you to NetGalley and Fathom Ink Press for this opportunity! 

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