Everyone will get a reading slump sooner or later during their live. There is no escape we are all doomed, but we will get out of it alive or at least with some minor injuries. (I know it sounds like a battle field, but trust me IT IS!)

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The Slump

This is something that terrifies me, not because of the slump itself, but the Getting Out of it process. Imagine it this way, you are in the middle of a forest, field it doesn’t matter and are strolling, the weather is perfect just you, your thoughts and a book in your hand. The perfect picture of a great spent afternoon, however at some point you see there are bees heading your way that you or something else has disturbed in one way or another and now they are after you chasing you and there is nowhere you can hide. The only option you got is water body to jump in, but there is none and you are f… yep hell you are…

This is pretty much how it feels to me you see why I am terrified now???!!

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Yet nothing to be worried about, (unless you are allergic to bees then you got a serious issue, but let’s keep it as less grim as possible here) wounds will heal eventually and you will be OK back to your bookish life with only singing birds and soft winds caressing you. 


How do I Get Out

Well, honestly there is no precise way or only way or that way. Bellow are some of my methods:

  1. Procrastinate – Yes… for as much I hate to admit that I do procrastinate when I feel corned, stresses or having a huge reading slump. By procrastinating you trick yourself to believe that at some point the problem in this case Mr. Slump will magically disappear on its own and will leave you alone. Sometimes, only sometimes this works yes. It happened only twice for me, but the impact after that was pretty much destructive, due to the accumulated work/books I had ended up with catching up. So if you are not confident enough that you would be able to catch up with that work please do not do my mistake.
  2. Blog hopping – Going through different book blogs can be very, very helpful. I do not look into enough blogs and I am not interactive with other bloggers as much as I would like to, so I will really try to improve in this aspect.  Blog hopping has definitely helped me out each time. Reading the reviews and posts of other bloggers be it about books or something totally unrelated feeds my motivation and cures even though slowly my Slump. You know there is a saying here in Bulgaria maybe in your country you have something similar too that says ”Far away from the eyes, far away from the heart”, which means if you are not looking at something you cherish or love for a long time that something will grow far away from your heart as well and you are to forget it. The Slump is something similar. If due to it you stop reading for 2 months like happened to me it gets harder and harder to get back on track because it has been a long time since you last read. I know for some 2 months or 2 weeks might seem like nothing, but let’s keep in mind that everyone of us is different…
  3. Keeping a Book near me – Not very sure how you will interpret that, but yes… I do keep book/s near by even at bed yes I do sleep with books! Not ashamed to say that… Now here is very important to mention that that/these book/s must be book/s you really wanted to read before the Slump showed, or a book/s that you love and would love to re-read again no matter when. Looking at a book constantly in a manner of speaking has helped me out many times. The thought that you have this kind of a book at your reach makes you to wish to hold it, open it and eventually read it in the best case. I bring my fav book with me at work or when I am visiting relatives or friends when I have the Slump.Image result for bed + books gif
  4. Getting a pause – Taking a voluntary break is another solution of mine. What this means exactly? Well let me put it this way. At certain point when the Slump hits you or there is too much of a work that awaits you be it scheduled book reviews or other appointments/tasks, you just need to turn off the power on your own before the blackout reaches you. Take that rest you deserve and when the blackout is gone turn on your power again and no damage will be made to your vitals and you will be good for a fresh start. Imagine it like a bug in the system, press restart and it will fix itself (of course if it is not something more serious again getting into the dark side here… disregard this)


These are my most successful Slump escapes, for some of you might not work out for others it might. Anyway, I hope that you will find them helpful in one way or another. 

What is your way of dealing with slumps? What is your favourite book? Or the book you wish to re-read? 




5 thoughts on “How I cope with reading SLUMPS and why it is so hard to get out of them”

  1. I generally deal with siumps by reading anyway! Which backfires a lot because I generally end up unhappy with teh books I’m reading and rating them low. gAhhh.?? But I prefer to keep reading instead of waiting, because I have too much to read! Slumps SUCK though and I wish we never got them!

    1. Wow howww you do it??? I just can’t read while having a reading slump haha but I think that’s because you are half dragon half cake and are different from us pure human beings >,< I think that SLUMPS have been created by evil people that have a hugeee TBR and are jealous when they see us reading and take out books from the TBR's pile. They are trying to sabotage us by throwing reading Slumps to us... I hate those people -.-

  2. Ugh– the dreaded SLUMP. Worst. My solution is to completely ignore my TBR and just read whatever I feel like instead. That will work just fine, unless I’m suffering from a book hangover : When the last book you read was sooooo gooood you cannot even imagine reading another book. In that case, I just go back to re-reading old favorites. Often, Harry Potter and The Song of the Lioness Quartet. šŸ˜€

    1. Yess this is another solution!! I really want to ignore my TBR but it is stronger than me and I feel like if I do that it will eat me alive at some point and I really don’t wanna die before reading all the books I have marked to!!!

      I love rereading my fav books this is like a therapy for me it heals my soul!!! AND I AIN’T EVEN KIDDING ABOUT THIS!!
      Now you are teasing me with HP! I must read the books ASAP! haha

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