Smoke and Mirrors: Short Fiction and Illusions Book Cover Smoke and Mirrors: Short Fiction and Illusions
Neil Gaiman
Short Stories, Fantasy, Horror
Avon Books
August 30th 2005
Paperback, Hardcover, ebook

In the deft hands of Neil Gaiman, magic is no mere illusion... and anything is possible. In this, Gaiman's first book of short stories, his imagination and supreme artistry transform a mundane world into a place of terrible wonders -- a place where an old woman can purchase the Holy Grail at a thrift store, where assassins advertise their services in the Yellow Pages under "Pest Control," and where a frightened young boy must barter for his life with a mean-spirited troll living beneath a bridge by the railroad tracks. Explore a new reality -- obscured by smoke and darkness, yet brilliantly tangible -- in this extraordinary collection of short works by a master prestidigitator. It will dazzle your senses, touch your heart, and haunt your dreams.


Did I hear Neil Gaiman??? 

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I love this guy, is no secret I want him as a pet. Everything he writes is a masterpiece full with horror and suspense, but always with a great lesson in between the lines!

Even his short stories were amazing. Totally different universe, his creativity and writing is on a next level, it feels like some genius alien is living in his head and it controls everything he thinks and writes.  In a good way of course… 

I loved all of the stories and if you have ever read anything from this author you would surely appreciate them. 

In conclusion I am glad that I have picked up this book and read it! 


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