When you go into a book shop we all know what the result will be. You will get out with as many book as your wallet will allow you to… In my case my wallet has been generous this time (because I starved for months!!!  just kidding ofc but still…) and allowed me to get some pretty awesome books.

Actually I did not know which book I wanted to buy nor if there will be any that will abide to my taste. Luck was with me that day and I couldn’t have been more happier!!

So it basically went like: 


Me entering the book shop

Image result for lots of books gif

My reaction

Image result for books everywhere gif

when I found this! 


and these

Me before leaving the book shop 

Image result for me in a book shop gif

now imagine that there are books instead of barbies and you will get the idea

And me trying to get home afterwards 


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Fantastic beasts and where to find them is the most gorgeous book that I possess. And it is the first screenplay that I will ever read. Thus, I am not really sure how to read it, however most probably will enjoy it. Tell me what are your thoughts on it if you have read it. 

Peter Pan is a story that my mom used to read me before going to bed. After finding out what the true meaning of the book was I decided to read the original version and I loved it. 

The Littler Prince  not much to say for those who already know this is my fav book. 

The Fellowship of the Ring a masterpiece everyone should have! Said enough 

The Art of War as a curious creature I wanted to read it for once, besides I am fascinated by Asian culture so this will be a sweet treat for me.

The Ocean at the End of the Lane Neil Gaiman one of my preferred horror/fantasy authors I shall have every book he has ever written!!


Random pic of how my bookshelf looks like at the moment bellow



Now my shelves are reorganized, but more space is needed!! Basically on the 1st shelf are my most newest and recently bought books. The second one is reserved for old books that I inherited from my grandma’s collection next is where I keep my sketchbooks and journals and last one Korean + chem and bio textbooks  and my art supplies. I will organize it better and free the last 2 shelves I love reorganizing my books and I know you do too… 



What was the last book you purchased for yourself ??

9 thoughts on “My newest purchased BOOKS”

  1. I love getting to look at blogger’s shelves! It says so much about them. AND it makes me super happy to see my holiday card up there!! <3 <3 <3

    I look forward to hearing what you think about Fantastic Beasts! I grew up reading quite a few plays, but it's definitely a weird experience if you aren't used to it! Be patient with the medium. It might be a challenge. Have you read Cursed Child yet?

    1. Aww me too!! It is mesmerizing for me in a way haha

      Yesss your holiday card as well as all the other post cards and the cow game are there !!!

      I still have to read Fantastic bests and this would be my first ever screenplay read. I know it is much different than what I am used to read, but will give it a go and cmonnn it is gorgeous I just couldn’t say NO to it!!

      As for the Cursed Child I did not, I still have to finish all the HP books first (hides in an angle of shame…) xD

      1. OHMYGOSH. You haven’t read Harry Potter yet?! Lin. If I had known that, I would have acquired you a set. (Do you have one already?) HP is one of my favorite book series of all time. It’s just brilliant– watching the characters, themes, and writing style grow with the audience was mesmerizing. I hope you love it when you finally finish the series! Where are you now?

          1. It can be a lot to get all the books at once, so buying them one at a time is okay, too. But, that said, the book sets are so pretty!!! I love the new Scholastic paperback American version. The spines all align to create a panoramic of Hogwarts. šŸ™‚

          2. Awesomee!! You see the sad thing living outside the US or the UK is that you might not find the same versions of books you wish. And ordering them online can cost a fortune and on the other sand you would need to wait quite a bit. Which as you can imagine is pain in the back for us people living in the other continents.:/

          3. Ugh. International shipping is a CRIME (as we both learned, but it was totally worth it). Is there perhaps an English language bookstore anywhere around? They *must* have HP. Or, perhaps a used bookstore which might carry these things?

          4. Yess totally agreed with you here!

            Well there are, but they don’t have all of the books and they certainly are not from the same publisher… As you can guess different cover, formatting and I just want to have matching books from a series lol!! Who doesn’t?? haha As for the used book store they collect mostly classics, or at least here in my city I have limited options because the ”bigger” opportunities are in the capital city…

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