Alright I wanted to start off with only one book finish it all within a week and only then pick up another one… 

Welll…. it did not work out the way I imagined it. Yep, you know what I mean. 

I just could not help myself, I just saw The Fellowship Of The Ring with original illustration by Alan Lee and everything went blurry, unicorns and rainbows started to show before my eyes and leprechauns lured me into buying it right away. Trust me it DID HAPPEN!! And this is how I started to read the second book. Oh did I mentioned the first one? No, ok it is A Darker Shade Of Magic. Yess the only one and only awesomely amazing stunningly witty and charming book itself. 

After this happening I found a Reading Buddy to read The Raven Boys, I have been wanting to read this one for ages now, so please be considerate, put yourself in my shoes. ^.^ 


Thoughts on ADSOM


Let me just say that this book was indeed very hyped and there was a lot of tension even before deciding to pick it up, because I was scared that I might have overrated it. But!  I am a 400998239776% glad I did open it and started reading it!! 

Every part of my body is loving it and is wanting more of it. 

Although (I will make a very embarrassing confession right now, so you can just skip this part) when I like a book soooooo much my whole system is going into a defensive mode and a signal from my brain is sent to my body to leave that book somewhere in the middle of it or nearly at the end. You wonder what I am talking about at this point, I just DO NOT WANT IT TO FINISH so this is why!! 

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I feel better now. NEXT! 


Thoughts on TLOTR aka Frodo + a ring +Smeagol and stuff 

There is not much to say I just LOVE IT dot 

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oh and if you did not get it yet, I love the movies too 

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Thoughts on The Raven Boys


I first met Maggie when I read Shiver (fun fact she is my friend on Fak-e-book since 2010 do not beliebe me? bellow is the proof!) 



I simply wrote her on there telling her how much I loved the book and stuff and she accepted me and we even spoke. This was one of the best days of my life ever (besides the one where I ate a whole 3 cotton candies alone and a whole box of vanilla ice cream, but this is another story)

Back to what I was about to type, ah yeah the book Adam is love Adam is my fav character so far. Love does not ask, so you can fall in love even with a secondary or a thirdary oh wait or a third personage in a book, it is OK! You should not be ashamed of yourself because of that. 

Maggie’s writing style is just made for me




Now this being said I am off to keep reading because my TBR’s pile is getting life on its own and it soon will eat me alive… 


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