Hey there! 

I am finally back from my travel in far far away magical land! Where Kpop is everything, kimchi is everywhere and you see a lot of people bowing as they greet to each other or you. 


If you have not guessed where I have been yet let me help you!! SOUTH KOREA!! This is right I was there for 2 weeks and I loved it. If could I would stay there and never go back. 

Here are some pics enjoy ^.^


I took nearly 3000 pics, but obviously I cannot post them all here so I hope these will satisfy your curiosity. 

South Korea is a magical place and I will definitely go there again ^.^

2 thoughts on “I have returned!”

  1. WELCOME BACK! (Okay, yes, this comment is about a month behind. But, so am I!) These photos are awesome– it looks like you had a great time in South Korea! I am completely in love with the ink painting. Did you take a class? It’s so cool! I’m really impressed. How long were you gone?

    1. Hello Jackie!!! Welcome back as well , soo glad to hear that your website has been fixed and you are posting again ^.^

      Thank youuuu I have soo many pics hahah and yes we were on a painting class, it was a traditional Korean drawing lesson and it was really a great experience. The lady that taught us had more than 40 years of experience which made it even more special and unique.

      I was gone for 2 weeks and I did not want to come back haha definitely will go back there

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