Immortal Slumber Book Cover Immortal Slumber
The Crawford Witch Chronicles
S.L Perrine
Fantasy, Paranormal
The Dragon's Rocketship
June 21st 2016
Kindle, Paperback

Immortal Slumber starts on Elyse Crawford's eighteenth birthday. She's followed by a great storm, which seems to only have eyes for her. Through the power of the storm, her powers are given. As expected, finding out she has magical powers is a shock. However, finding out she is the descendant of two very powerful Wiccan lines, is even harder to deal with.
Elyse finds out her adoption as a baby was under more suspicious circumstances than her parents dying in a car accident. Unbeknownst to the rest of the world, Elyse's parents were trapped in an alternate plane. With the help of her lifelong friends and coven, she works toward accepting her status as High Priestess and freeing her parents. All while dodging attacks from an unsuspecting source.

Disclaimer: This book was given to me by the author for free in exchange for an honest review, in no way my opinion about the book was affected by this. I judge the books only not the authors.


Did you say witches, magic and a book?!


This is my realm! I love stories about witches and magic and I love them even more especially when they are done well. And trust me this book is definitely one of the good ones.

Spoiler FREE Review 

The storyline was convoluted, intriguing and very well represented. The author did an awesome job introducing us into her imagination and all those details that make this story unique. I loved the fact that this was not the typical romance oriented book concentrated only over that aspect. It was very much appreciated the complexity of the whole world and the background story of Elyse and her parents.

The characters Chad, Elyse, Crystal, Clara and Matt had very distinct voices and you could easily tell them apart. Their personalities were well developed and you could relate to them in one way or another.

Shannon’s writing style is captivating and engrossing and you can effortlessly teleport into her dimension. Where magic, shifters, witches, High Priestess, just to name a few will take you on a journey and you would beg for more!

I took this book and did not want to put it down, I literally stood up until 3 am, because I wanted to know what is coming next and if everything will go as planned. The wait for the 2nd book will kill me slowly I already know that, since I desperately need the sequel!! I must KNOW what is going to happen and I know it will be epic.

Now let’s dive into the SPOILER SECTION! 

What can I say, the way the magic was used and portrayed was great! I could picture everything in my head and feel like I am there while it is happening.

When Chadwick along Matt were introduced as shifters and Crystal as a witch I was like ”What? Totally did not see this one coming”. Although I must say that I did suspect Clara to be a witch as well it still took me when she was revealed as one as well. Not to mention the shock I got when Elyse parents turned out to be very much alive and trapped in another parallel time loop. I loved the elements of surprise and the pace the story went. The personages felt real even though fictional  and the ”special effects” were amazing I can only expect greater ones in the next books to come!

Rating and Overall thoughts  

I  gave it 4 starts, totally enjoyed the book and the plot. However even though the complex family story of Elyse was really good, at times I find it little bit too complex and this took me out of track here and there, but I was quickly put back in line with another reveal and shocking surprise. This was the reason why I did not give it 5 stars, although I have great expectations on the sequel and I cannot wait to read it!

Great storyline, witched, magic! Say no more READ IT!




S.L. Perrine

S.L. Perrine is a wife to a mechanic and mother of four crazy teenagers (3 are boys) who eat her out of house and home. While raising her kids she has obtained three degrees, and now works to feed this bunch as a Registered Medical Assistant in a private physician’s office in the city she currently lives. She is a native of Schenectady and Saratoga Springs, New York, having spent equal time growing up in both cities. Writing has always been a passion of hers since she was rather young. She would write her stories and rewrite them later on after losing her notebooks for years. Finally, she sat down and finished one in 2012 and took the self-publishing route. She is currently working on an exciting new story, which will become roughly, a six-part series. “If I never make a dime off my books I don’t care, I just love the fact that my work is out there for others to read.” ~S.L. Perrine~




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