Hello everyone! I have very exciting thing to talk about today. Yes, yes if your guess was ”food” then you guessed it right!

But first, let me introduce you to this awesome feature created my Marie . It is called Souvenirs From Across The World and the greatest thing about it is that it connects you to people from all those different countries you see on the world’s map and have dreamt with open eyes to visit someday and you have the opportunity to send gifts and receive some as well while you can get to know more about the peoples’ culture, traditions and nation!! Isn’t that cool?! Well we should all thank Marie for coming up with such an awesome idea! So thank you Marie!!

Here you can go and check all the needed and detailed information about it



Now I shall begin with my mouth watering Bulgarian food guide! Get ready, take your napkins, cutlery a notebook and a pen and let’s get started shall we?


As you already understood I am a Bulgarian girl, from the coolest and one of the top 5 oldest cities in whole Europe – Plovdiv. Here in BG we have a lot of particular delicious dishes that none can cook best, but my grandmother and mother. I think we all agree on that don’t we? 🙂

In case you decide to come visit my country you should definitely try out the Musaka (Мусака) this is a salty dish made out of potatoes, mince, eggs, onions and some other spices.

Image result for българска мусака

Also it might sound a little bit strange to you, but we do eat it with yoghurt, trust me it is delicious because the flavours mix together soo well and it feels like your taste receptors are all exploding at the same time, if that makes any sense to you…

Moving on the next one! We do have a lot of different soups and they are yummier than yummier! We call it Grah Yahnya (Грах Яхния) or in other words Pea Stew. As you can tell there is peas, carrots, chicken, black pepper and some other ingredients. My grandmother’s pea stew is soo delicious that my granddad always cleans the plate in a way that it looks like it never has been used!

These are some of my most favourite main dishes. We do have a lot of salads just to name some

Yoghurt Salad (Млечна салата) – yoghurt, cucumbers, garlic, salt and some people use walnuts I love both ways with and without

Image result for mlechna salata


Shopska Salad with tomatoes, cucumber, peppers, onion and parsley and some oil, vinegar and salt for dressing.Image result

Enough with salty food!!! Now the deserts!!

Crem Caramel (Крем Карамел)

Image result for крем карамел

Sutlyash (Сутляш) believe it or not this is sweet rice!  A boiled rice with milk, sugar and cinnamon. It is delicious!

Image result for sutliash

Kozunak (Козунак) or Easter bread it is a sweet soft kind of a bread but not exactly with raisins and powdered sugar that we make during Easter 🙂

Image result for bulgarian kozunak

These is my food guide from Bulgaria for the Food Tour Guide and I hope you enjoyed it!

Let me know which dish you would like to try!!




  1. What a great post, THANK YOU so much for your contribution, Lin! 🙂 I loved all of this food, and it’s kind of making me hungry right now haha. I’d especially love to try all the sweet foods (I’m a sweet tooth ahah), that Easter Bread, Cream Caramel, yummy! 🙂

  2. Hi Lin! I loved that first dish you mentioned, and its texture! I for one am very picky with food and JUDGE EVERYTHING. If it looks nasty, won’t eat it. So hehe I really really fell in love with how it looks!

    In Ecuador we have something very similar to your Sutlyash. But we add in milk. Depending on how much milk you can have it as a drink! It has a name but right now I can’t remember it! XD

    1. Pam!!
      Thank you for stopping by as well!!
      The musaka is delicious! My mother’s one is simply beyond delicious and it tastes great both cold and warm.

      Haha then for sure I will like the Ecuador version of the sutlyash!! :))

  3. Wow, how does it feel to live in one of the Europe’s oldest city?
    They all look so great! Musaka sounds and looks DELICIOUS! I can’t imagine it eating with yogurt. I need to try it someday! Crem Caramel looks tasty. Is it a type of pudding?

    1. Helloo Jamie!!!
      Thank you soo much for your comment and visiting my website!

      Well Plovdiv is amazing city and we have a lot of history, and thanks to the fact that in 2019 it as been chosen for being a Cultural Capital we got more tourists than ever! It is the perfect place for social events, night live, history tours and more! Actually Plovdiv was the first capital city wayy before Sofia, and to be honest every single foreign person I met has told me that Plovdiv is the best! :))

      As for the musaka it looks delicious is it is! You should try it with yoghurt though hah it might sounds disgusting, but trust me is yummy! And yes the crem caramel is vanilla pudding with liquid caramelized sugar and is the most pleasing thing!! :))

      1. That sounds like an incredible place! I didn’t realize that Sofia wasn’t always the capital. I hope I get to visit someday 🙂
        I’ll trust you and remember to try it with yogurt if I do get the chance to eat musaka. Maybe with crem caramel for dessert too. 🙂

  4. Great post! I loved learning more about delicious Bulgarian food 🙂 Here in Canada we have something sort of similar to Musaka – we call it shepherd’s pie and it’s made from ground beef and mashed potatoes, with cheese on top in layers. Musaka sounds really good! So does Shopska Salad – I want to try making that here! We have a similar dessert to Sutlyash, too, but we call it rice pudding! Easter Bread sounds delicious 🙂 This post has officially made me very hungry!

    1. Hello Tyra!! Thank you soo much for stopping by!

      I am more than glad to hear that you would like to try our the Musaka and the Shopska Salad! I am more than sure that you would like them. I always love try out new flavours from all over the world, so I am positive I would like your traditional Canadian food. Not to mention that I love Canada and its nature and its people!!

      Thank youu!!

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