Hello everybody!

I have an exciting news to share even though I am a bit late.

The Young Adult Scavenger Hunt has began yeyy!! Excitement screams echoing in the house with probably some angry or annoyed neighbours by now. Anyway if you guys do not know what I am talking about you can check everything about it from the link down below

You can hunt till 9th of October!! So hurry up and get immersed in a great bookish adventure! 

YA Scavenger Hunt link

YA Scavenger Hunt


This event is hosted twice a year in April and October and there are 6 teams with 20 authors in each team. During the hunt all authors that are participating will have to make a post ad publish it on their personal blogs/websites. The post can contains exclusive peak from a book that you are waiting to be released, deleted scenes, interview with your favourite writer and much more!

Additionally let’s not forget that you will get to know more about the authors, discover new ones and believe me you are definitely going to grow your TBR’s pile!!

Now shall you decide to join in, which I am sure you will do, all you must know is to choose a team and find all the secret/favourite NUMBERS on that team and then add them up and enter your guess in the official page of the hunt. Do not worry everything is explained in detail there also there are some examples and in case you would need any further clarification you can always post a comment and you will be assisted!

So this year on the fall’s hunt there are 6 teams

  • BLUE



  • GOLD

  • RED


Guys what are you waiting for?? There are prizes!! And I mean huuugeee ones with a lot of international giveaways!!

Let the hunt begin!


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