Please be aware that there are spoilers and triggers I have highlighted that section.


Every person has ups and downs and as everyone we have gone through that difficult thing called growing up. This is the time when we begin to experience all those things that we only have heard about from friends, family or just watched on the movies.

Drinking, smoking, making out, bullying, new friends and even making one of your teachers one of those friends in one way or another.

This is pretty much what our main character Charlie is going through with his new friends Sam and Patrick. Charlie is the quite introvert type of a guy that grew up in a Christian family going to church and never doing bad things. But everything changed for him when his best friend shot himself. During the movie/book we follow his struggle with coping in school, in family and with love. The way this film was portrait leaves so deep impression on you and makes you think and reflect on various aspects of your life.

The main topics are homosexuality, homophobia, childhood trauma, paedophilia, depression, bullying, healing.

Regardless of the fact that the settlement is in the 90’s one can easily relate to all the characters feel their pain, their happiness, their hope and curiously. I am not going to hide that this film made me laugh, it made me cry, it made me stop and think about what I am doing with my life at this point and it taught me that we cannot make everyone happy by sacrificing always ourselves for the sake of others. We are who we are and none is going nor can change that fact only we can decide what move to take next and where it will leads us remains mystery.

During the whole movie you do not see what is coming but when it comes exactly at the end of the film it hits you so hard like you have been run over by a truck and you barely survived. It reveals the background story of Charlie in a way that leaves you speechless and horrified at least for me.


Trigger alert!


I know that talking about paedophilia might be a trigger topic for some people, so please do not read further if you feel like it is going to affect you.


Through out the film it becomes clear that our main character is rather the weird kid. He does not socialize much, he is not speaking a lot and he is rather shy. Slowly we get to know why he is acting the way he does and we find out that he has lost his aunt as well. He suffers from hallucinations he is seeing things from the past where he is a young child and is with his aunt. At first you cannot see it coming because nothing is giving you any reason to even think about it, thus it comes as a shock like you have been stroked by a lightening out of a blue sky. It turns out that all those happy memories he is having about his aunt are nothing else but a coverage of the horrible things she has done to him as child. And yes I am talking about sexual child abuse. This is by far the most outrageous thing someone can do a defenceless child. It hit me, it burnt me down to ashes and it hurt, it hurt so bad that I could hardly breath.


Everything was so well done that it felt real like I am there with him and I am witnessing this happening. I wish I could unsee the whole scene I have imagined in my head.

(Trigger section end)


The story is touching, engrossing and beautiful at the same time.

In conclusion this is by far one of the top book to movie adoptions that I have seen in a while with such a strong meaning. Highly recommended to read the book and watch the film!



I just want all of you who have been through that or still are to SPEAK out! Please do not keep it a secret and do not be afraid nor ashamed to tell someone, anybody. You have done nothing wrong to deserve this and you are not alone.



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  1. Thank you so Marie! This book/film is so mazing in so many ways that I would gladly re-watch/reread it at some point. All the characters are easy to relate to in one way or another and the way the story was written was simply astonishing!

    Once again a huge THANKS for stopping by! Cannot wait for the SFATW 🙂 you are great!

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