Ok here it comes another book tag that I have been wanting to do for a while now so here we go!

  • What is the last book you marked as read?

That would be Hollow City by Ransom


  • What are you currently reading?

The 3rd book of the Miss Peregrine’s trilogy Library of Souls


Unfortunately is taking me forever to finish it… Not that I don’t like it or something like that, just I do not have enough time to do dedicate to it currently, and as book readers you all know that time is the most important factor when it comes to this.

  • What was the last book you marked as to read?

Here we go the 2nd book of the Serafina series by Robert Beatty


I still have to read the 1st one, and I hear only good things about it. And by the way I have no idea how that happened, but Robert followed me on Twitter :O


The proof I am soo hyped and still processing this situation! Great Robert!!

  • Do you use the star rating system?

Yes! I do use it.

  • What book do you plan on reading next?

Honestly I have not decided yet. I am literally divided not in half but in a million of pieces because there are so many books that I want to read next and still cannot choose one. The books I am dwelling about are:

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Heeeelp me decide!!! Pleasee !!

  • Are you doing the 2016 reading challenge?

I am doing it, but I joined late this year and with shame I must say that I am like 12 books behind :/ On the bright side I’ve read books that I was willing to pick up for quite some time now and whether I make it or not I am still going to be satisfied with my result. There is always next year!

  • What book do you plan on buying next?

Well, I am patiently waiting for Library of Souls to be translated in Bulgarian and finally complete my hard cover trilogy. Until then I am planning to get my hands on


as it is already available in my country and I wanted to read it for a long time. Usually I am more of an e-book reader I have tons of books purchased there and I am fan of audio books as well.

  • Do you have a wishlist?

I do not, at least not on Amazong or anywhere on the net haha I do have one that I’ve written down on my notebook 🙂

  • What is your favourite quote?

By far

”I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity.”

Edgar Allan Poe

I love his poems I love him.

  • Who are your favourite authors?
  1. Ransom Riggs
  2. Neil Gaiman
  3. Edgar Allan Poe
  4. Tiziano Terzani
  5. Ivan Vazov
  • I tag:

YOU! ^.^

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