There’s a new world coming! 

That’s right are you ready for time loops, wights, hollowgasts and lots of peculiarities?

If the answer is YES then you definitely are part of our Miss Peregrine’s home for peculiar children’s fandom!

Finally my most anticipated film of 2016 is coming out on the 30th September and I cannot wait to watch it. I am so ready to enter the 1940’s loop and go on an adventure that will change my life to the extend that I would not want to come back to reality. I mean c’mon Tim Burton’s all over the place and he directing any film means only one thing: it is going to be a BLAST!


Not to mention that Asa Butterfield, Ella Purnell, Eva Green, Samuel Jackson and many others are staring in it I love them all and I already know that it would be great!


For a long time I wanted to read the books and I finally did and it was like BANG it hit me right in the brain and unlocked my imagination in a way that I never thought was possible. Full with so many feels, an engrossing story created by Ransom that literally teleports you into the book itself and makes you part of it like you’ve always belonged to that mysterious and full with peculiar adventures world. Without any doubt I can tell that this trilogy is by far my favourite one.

What about you? What trilogy you loved the most?

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