BOOOM! This is what happened to my brain like literally a hugee enormous BANG! It exploded out in millions of different colours I did not even knew existed!

[Spoiler Sector]

I love it, I admire it I worship it!! I bow before you Ransom you have blown my mind away with this second book of this trilogy and I am thankful for that!!
This keeps only getting better and better, the way everything was described in this book was superb and directly projected in my brain like a 3D film at first row in the cinema.

The fear, the running the struggles were real and I felt like I was alongside them running from the hollows and wights and it kept me on the edge all the time worrying if they would made it and save Miss P. And when they were in London during the war and the bombs it was soo well portrayed that for a brief second you could hear the explosions, see the dust of destroyed houses and sense the horror like everything was real!

And then ohhh thenn that twist OMG I did not see this one coming! I still cannot believe what happened in the last chapter it is still soo fresh in my mind and I am so engrossed in the whole story that I wish it never ends I want this to be a never ending series!! I already started the Library of Souls because if I do not finish it I will not be able to sleep tonight for sure!

Must know what will happen with Jacob and the hollowgast that he tamed in a way and how the hell that happened and ohhh too many mysteries to be solved.

Please read the trilogy if you have not yet!!

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