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This is going to take some time probably, but I just want to put down as many information as I can for personal pleasure and entertainment. This is the first time I am doing this kind of thing, so if it is a bit chaotic and confusing no worries it is not you it is me because:

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This cleared out let us begin with the STATS!!


Although I think it is pretty straightforward, I will explain my logic behind this sheet.

We have the Month, Book title, Total number of pages, Genre, Author, Rating, ect. ect.

Under the Total NoP you can see the Total number of pages that I have read for that month in this case in the month of January I read in total of 2981 pages.

My average rating is 4.38 for all the 13 books I have read.

Below are some fun charts I find useful and easy to do:

So in conclusion in January 2018 I have:

  • Read in total of 13 books
  • Read 2891 pages 
  • My average rating was 4.38
  • Most books I picked were published in 2017 
  • My dominating genre were Graphic novels and Manga




Same story here



So in conclusion in February 2018 as of now (because we still have a few days left of this month) I have:

  • Read in total of 17 books
  • Read 3923 pages
  • My average rating was 3.59
  • Most books I picked were published AGAIN in 2017 
  • The most read genres were Contemporary followed by Graphic novels and Fantasy


Now tots for both months

  • Total page count 6904
  • Average rating 3.93
  • Total number of read books 30
  • Most read genre Contemporary and Graphic Novels 

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nahh just kidding don’t do that lol

But is was a hard work I gotta say all the copy/paste caused me muscle soreness or strain (I have no idea how you guys call it) to my fingers… But this left aside I had fun doing these little charts and stats for myself and I am planning to make some improvements and add other things as well. It is still work in progress soo I will take it easy.

  1. How about you? Do you make stats and charts of your reading?? 
  2. Tell me what else I can include to track that you think might be interesting 🙂 


  1. I love to analyse my reading statistics. Apart from the categories you are already using I’ve been tracking author’s country of origin for the last year which has been really interesting to see.

    1. Ohh this is great! I will include this too in the tracking! Thank youu

      Do you have any post about your stats? I would love to check it our if you or just share any post you this does not get much attention 🙂

  2. I do tons of stats and charts for my reading too!! *hi fives* 🎉 I find it hugely fun to look back and see if I’ve loved things or had a bad reading month or what. And omg congrats on reading so many good books recently…that’s a great average star rating! (Also so glad you loved Turtles All the Way Down. Me toooo.) I also track whether the protagonist is a male vs female and what countries the book is published in! But otherwise mine looks pretty similar to yours.😂

    1. ”HIGH fives back” me tooo it is soo much fun doing all this tracking (even though I just started doing it now.)

      Thank youuu I feel shocked as well honestly xD did not see this one coming and that I read so much, cuz for me I usually read 30 books for the whole year lol

      Turtles all the way down was amazing, I knew I would love it because I love every John Green’s book!!! not ashamed to admit that

      OHH this is a great idea I will include the protagonist as well ^^

      Thank you sooooo much for stopping by!! Here have a cake! <3

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