Disclaimer: Just please do not be offended if your favourite book series is on my list, it is not a personal attack ok? 

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We all have this book or those book series that we know we are not going to pick up and read for various reasons, therefore I have decided to share mine with you and tell you the reasons behind my decision or mostly the NON REASONS … 

So hold on thigh and do not be too shocked (I warned you!!!!)


  • The Twilight Saga

I was so obsessed with it when I was in high school that I ended up buying all the books and spend all my savings on them… Below I will demonstrate how I feel about this:

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I read only the first book and

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so yeah not planning on continuing it.


  • The Throne of Glass Series 



Mmmm I am just not interested in the whole story, I lost interested long time ago.

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I did not read any of the books so  I will not pick them them.


  • A Court of Thorns and Roses Series


Same story here, not interested and I just don’t want to lose my time picking it up because I know I will not end up liking it anyway.



  • Fifty Shades of Grey



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  • The Mortal Instruments and The Dark Artifices


Now before you start throwing stones and what not on me I read the Infernal Devices trilogy and I freaking loved it, but I want to end it here.

This is too much of a commitment for me and simply I do not feel the urge to read these series anymore.

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  • The Lunar Chronicles


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Just mmm… I don’t know it does not tickle my curiosity and I think it would not be my cup of tea so yeah nope.


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These were the books that I feel not reading as of now, of course if you ended up enjoying some or all of them this is GREAT! Really good for you I am proud and happy for you seriously. 


And which are your book series that you have no interested in picking up and why??


9 thoughts on “POPULAR SERIES I am not planning to read or finish”

  1. I relate to this post on a personal level!

    Twilight was meh, ACOTAR I rated the first book 4 stars but don’t remember any of it, the Shadowhunter Chronicles I am buddy reading with friends and if it wasn’t a buddy read I wouldn’t still be going, and The Lunar Chronicles I tried and DNF’d because I found them dull.

    You are not alone! Hyped books are way too often overrated.

    1. Yesss so glad to hear that I am not alone out there!!

      And this is soo true most of the time hype books do not work out for me, but hey that is ok I don’t let this drag me down or something. The Shadowhunter world is just too much for me too many books that I do not feel wasting my time on :/ Sorry to hear about the Lunar Chronicles books however still good thing that you DNFed it instead of forcing yourself to read something only because you have to is not ok.

      1. I am the biggest advocate for DNFing books now. There’s too much great lit out there to waste time on something that isn’t working for you.

        You are definitely not alone and I think it’s great that you’re willing to put it out there that such popular books didn’t work for you. I think more people need to break against the majority.

        1. Absolutely agreed with you. I also DNF books when I see that they just do not work out for me.

          And thank you!! This means a lot. I have been wanting to do this post for a while, but always was discouraged due to the popularity of the books, however when I came to realize that this is not some kind of competition nor a war field I poured it out there because this is my honest opinion and certainly think it is important to do what you want to do. Not feeling forced to read or buy or eat whatever it it might be just because it is popular or because you feel pressure to do it.

          1. Yes! So well said.

            It’s intimidating to go against the grain but the book community is overall a great understanding place and it gives people a chance to agree to a seemingly unpopular opinion!

  2. So even though I love this a lot of these I can understand them all except… THE LUNAR CHRONCILES! They are so good, you just have to try them!!

    I love the Twilight Saga but I read them when I was younger and if I reread them now I am not sure I would like them. Same goes for the Mortal Instruments.

    I’m not going to be reading Fifty Shades of Grey either.

    1. This is absolutely fine, I just don’t like retellings I guess. A lot of people have recommended me The Lunar chronicles, but I feel like nahh just cannot put it in words. I feel like I would not enjoy them, however I might give it a try just to see if I am wrong about it.

      Oh please Fifty shades is just NOPE!

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