Ember Burning Book Cover Ember Burning
Trinity Forest #1
Jennifer Alsever
Fantasy, Paranormal
Sawatch Press
May 6th 2017
Paperback, Hardcover, ebook, Audiobook

Senior year was supposed to be great--that's what Ember's friend Maddie promised at the beginning of the year. Instead, Ember TrouvE spends the year drifting in and out of life like a ghost, haunted by her parents' recent, tragic death.

At home, she pores over her secret obsession: pictures of missing kids-- from newspaper articles, from grocery store flyers-- that she's glued inside a spiral notebook. Like her, the people are lost. Like her, she discovers, they had been looking for a way to numb their pain when they disappeared.

When Ember finds herself in Trinity Forest one day, a place locals stay away from at all costs, she befriends a group of teenagers who are out camping. Hanging out with them in the forest tainted with urban legends of witchcraft and strange disappearances, she has more fun than she can remember having. But something isn't right.

The candy-covered wickedness she finds in Trinity proves to be a great escape, until she discovers she can never go home. Will Ember confront the truth behind her parents' death, or stay blissfully numb and lose herself to the forest forever?

Oh wow I totally did not expected that and I mean in it in  GOOOD WAYY.

When I requested to review this book I did not know much about it and dived into it totally blind without reading any reviews. Actually I found this to be the perfect way for me as it does not affects my opinion over the book in any way.

I loved the writing style, the whole story and how it was build was really something.

This book deals with some very heavy and difficult topics that might trigger people that have experienced grief, rape, addiction also abduction. So please be cautious and have this in mind before picking it up.

I loved Ember even though at times I would not have made the same choices she made, but still her character was well developed and I could relate to her in many ways. Absolutely looking forward to the second book!

In conclusion HIGHLY RECOMMENDED gave it 4.5 stars rounded to 5!




Jennifer AlseverA teenager still lives inside me. After two decades of working as a journalist, writing serious news for such publications as Fortune Magazine, the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times, I finally let my imagination run wild in 2015. The result is Ember’s story told in the three-book Trinity Forest Series, www.trinityforestseries.com. The first book Ember Burning, is available on Amazon.com.
I live near Vail, Colorado, and when I’m not absorbed in writing or reading, I like a good hike, doing yoga, hanging with my boys, some moguls on skis, a rigorous mountain bike ride or the simple pleasures of life. My favorites: untouched snow, frozen chocolate chips, savasina on my yoga mat and yes, bowls of pan fried brussels sprouts.
My first book, Ember Burning, has been described as a page-turning story ideal for fans of The Uglies, We Were Liars and Before I Fall about a teen grieving over her parent’s tragic death who becomes entangled with a mysterious forest teeming with urban legends of strange disappearances and witchcraft. The book opens up into a paranormal world of loss, mystery, love and survival as Ember searches for escape– and a path back to herself. The second book Oshun Rising, came out in August 2017, and the third, Venus Shining, will debut in November.


A big thank you to Xpresso Book Tours for the opportunity.

3 thoughts on “BOOK REVIEW: EMBER BURNING (Trinity Forest #1) – JENNIFER ALSERVER”

  1. Wow this is the first review I’ve seen for this book on a blog, I picked it up on a whim when I saw it was up on a free promotion a few months back but haven’t sat down to read it yet. It definitely sounds good though and glad you enjoyed it, I’ll bump it up on my TBR. 🙂

    1. Yes it was a very surprising book, still it was a bit heavy since it deals with topics that are not very pleasant and might trigger some people. I hope that you would like it as well 🙂

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