A Very New Day Book Cover A Very New Day
Steven Salmon
YA, Teens, Mind and Body, Health
Black Rose Writing
February 2nd 2017
Paperback, Kindle

A Very New Day is about a boy with Cerebral palsy, who goes to go regular school for the first time in junior high and uses Morse code to write. Rich Trout is unable to use his hands. Instead, he drives his electric wheelchair and writes in Morse code with his head. Rich doubts that he belongs in regular school after being isolated to special education classes only.

He is inspired by Mrs. Tilley, his English teacher, who treats him as a regular student and shows Rich that anything is possible. Rich has one dream, to be a writer. Mrs. Tilley introduces Rich to an author friend of hers, who also has Cerebral palsy, serving as an inspiration and role model.


Everything written in this book felt real and I could say that from first hand as I had for years a classmate that had the same condition.

I liked the way how the author managed to portray the innocence of Rich, the way he speaks, he thinks and acts. He is just a 13 year old boy like everyone else. With the same needs, hobbies and dreams. The illness/condition does not define you as a person and you should be treated equally with respect and not with pity or because you simply have to.

Everyone needs to be educated on Cerebral Palsy and needs to understand that people with CP have feelings too and are aware of their condition, and you know what? those are people whom have learnt to enjoy the little things in life and be grateful for what they have. We can only learn from them!

Thus, if you are interested in this kind of condition and would like to dive into an eyes opening experience  I totally recommend you this book. It is testimony of all people struggling with their condition on a daily basis, regardless the difficulties they fight with are still grateful and happy to be part of our normal lives. 


I live within the confines of inequality. In my life, people and the government keeps putting up barriers I consider stupid rules which threaten to block my path to success every step of the way.



A big thank you to Netgalley and the Publisher for this opportunity.

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