Hey guys and galls!! Here is another interesting interview with the author of My Soul To Keep.

I  would like to thank Jackie once again for sharing this information with us.  


1. Tell us how and why you decided to write My Soul To Keep.

I wrote My Soul To Keep wanting to do something with cults and preying on the vulnerable, and decided to throw paranormal elements in there to tie in that aftermath. I was inspired by real cults and wanted to showcase real life horrors told through fiction. I wrote this as a standalone while I was brainstorming my book ideas for Yresrun Semyhr, my dark nursery rhyme collection. It didn’t take me long to find a connection and include it with the collection, and thus the first Yresrun Semyhr was born. My Soul to Keep is based on the Lord’s prayer and tied in just the way I wanted it to.

2. You conducted a research about the real life events around GOL and had interviews with people that had paranormal experiences could you share a little bit more about this and if any what was the most shocking/interesting story you have heard?
I did some searching online looking for case studies for this, as I wanted it to be as realistic as possible. I do believe in spirits and the paranormal. I interviewed people who have had real ghostly encounters as well as people who have had out-of-body experiences. The number one thing I found was that all paranormal encounters were, and are, personal. Usually these spirits are deceased loved ones trying to comfort us to let us know they are still with us. I read an account of someone whose grandfather’s spirit visited her in the middle of the night by sitting on her bed. She knew he was there because she could smell his cigars. She said it was very brief but she knew it was him and she was not scared. I find this a very touching and beautiful thing. Most people see the spirits of loved ones in dreams.

3. What was your favorite passage/part to write?

A lot of the activities the Guardians of Light did were based on ones I did with my school retreats: The burning of the burdens ceremony, the inspirational posters, the game of stepping across the room with truths. It was nostalgic to write those in and came easy!

My favorite character to write was Ad Astra, the cat with a sixth sense. I seriously think animals have a perceptive of the unusual and can sense things that we can’t.

4.I have noticed that you like a lot of horror stuff 🙂 where this passion comes from?

I am very involved in the industry…I am actually a haunted house actor! I have worked in several local haunted houses every Halloween season. Now I do this plus a year-round zombie attraction. It’s my love of scaring on page and in real life that is such a huge part of me that I find very easy to share. I’m a cosplayer and costumer and love to make my own costumes that fit with my own characters. I love to dress up and go to conventions. Soon I will be doing book characters as a fun way to market my world!

5. What are some of your favorite authors, books and tv shows?

So many to name! I think I was really inspired by Neil Gaiman. He has a beautiful way of storytelling and is the biggest “Show Don’t Tell” advocate. He never tells you anything. He makes you keep reading to find out exactly what is going on.
Of course, Stephen King and J.K Rowling are icons in the literary world and always show us one small idea can go a long way.

6. Describe yourself in 3 words.

Short. (Seriously I’m under 5 feet tall) Quirky (I say and do strange things) Nerdy (In college I played Dungeons and Dragons instead of Beer Pong)

7. If you could be an author/famous person (even those not among us anymore) for a day who would you be and why?
8. What you were doing when you received the notification that your book is going to be published?

I was grocery shopping. I remember getting milk and I got an email notification on my phone. I checked it, while still holding the milk door open, saw the email that My Soul To Keep got the green light. I was very happy and kept grocery shopping thinking about cover art.

9. Your preferred writing method? (Pen and paper, laptop or else)

I actually like pen and notebook first off…it’s a first draft anyway and while my notes are all over the place, I have a better time just looking at what I wrote before converting it to word document and fixing it.

10. Any upcoming events and/or activities we should keep an eye on?

I found out that my publisher is going to have two more volumes of horror anthologies come out this year! The first one called 13 came out last year. I am working on the story for the second one to come out this summer, and now that there will be a third later in the year, and that means more brainstorming!
In addition to that I am working on more dark nursery rhyme novels: Mary Had a Little Lamb, Jack and Jill, Hey Diddle Diddle and more.

Keep a lookout on my website www.jackiesonnenberg.com, Twitter feed @sonnenbooks and my Facebook page, AuthorJackieSonnenberg for news and updates!



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