Howdy there!

I have a confession to make, September was a busy month for me and due lack of time I was not able to read all of the books I was planning to. However, I still managed to read the Miss Peregrine’s trilogy and I loved it!


2016-09-02_1330363022669991840 2016-09-02_1330376961491397413


As you can see the copies I have are in Bulgarian, and only the first 2 books are present, because the third and last book is not translated yet. Thus I had to read it on  an e-book in ENG which is not an issue for me. They should translate Library of souls next year hopefully in the beginning as I would love to complete my collection and then wait for Tales of the peculiar.

The best part is that these are in hard-cover and are simply gorgeous *.*

These upcoming days I will be updating you with my TBR October List and some exciting news!!

What books have you read this September? Also let me know what books you will be reading this month!


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