Hey there!

As you already know it is Inktober time!! Yeyy


For the first time I have decided to join in and participate. I love the idea of drawing for 31 days that’s an entire month of epic ink drawings and great art!!

My main topic would be based on Miss P as it caste a spell on me and I feel victim to it and I ain’t even mad about it. Another theme would be associated to FMA *stands for Full Metal Alchemist.

Here is my art so far:

October 2016

1st. The Twins


2nd. Emma Bloom


3rd. Jacob Portman


4th. Gluttony



I will let you know what else I will be drawing and will be posting everything to keep you updated 🙂

Let me know if you are an artsy person and have joined Inktober! I would love to see your art so please leave links to your social medias where you post them !!



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