Finally I have watched it!


Ok, let me begin with It was great! There is no doubt about it Tim Burton is amazing and his worlds are simply mesmerizing and magical in every aspect.

I liked the way it was made the effects were great, the characters as well. Of course it is a book to movie adaptation and to be honest I did not have huge expectations because I did not want to remain disappointed in any way. I never expect the film to follow the book, in fact I’d rather see a personal touch of the director and the producer after all that is what distinguishes a film from the others.

At the beginning it followed exactly the book with Jacob working in the family supermarket just an ordinary kid. Then the call from his granddad telling him it is not safe and asking where is the key for his weapons to fight the monsters. By the time Jacob arrives at home his granddad was already attacked and he tells his grandson with his last breath to find the loop. And at that moment he sees the hollowgast.

Here I must say that in the book Jacob goes to his grandfather’s house with his friend in the film it is changed. There are a lot of things that have been modified and are not true to the book, however I would ask you to go for it with an open mind and not being too judgemental or otherwise you might regret it!

SPOILER section!

Alright let me say that the fight against the hollowgasts and the dead pirates that Enoch revived was simply amazing!!! I loved that part soo much and visually was so pleasing to watch with 3D. The way Burton pictured everything in this film was beyond amazing, from their costumes to the house, to the characters and the actors. It was not just a new world it was a new universe! 

There were a few moments that annoyed me a little I will not hide that, for example when Jake (the way he is called in the film) had the opportunity to shoot Mr. Barron a wight  played by Samuel L. Jackson and he missed him not twice but thrice or even 4 times and then when Jake opens the cage where all ymbrynes are held hostages the hollowgats comes and he shot it from the first try… C’mon it would have been ok if he just missed Barron once or twice I could take it but I think that was unnecessary and annoying. 

The other thing that has been changed is regarding a ship they used to find their headmistress. In the book they used boats to cross the ocean and were attacked by a submarine with wights on it before that. Here you see none of this. Also Miss P is taken hostage by Barron while they are still at the house and the children are left alone with Miss Avoced to fight the hollowgast. 


As you know in the books the wights are looking for the soul of the peculiar children in the soil of their feet, in the movie it is the eyes and they steal them and eat them to maintain their human appearance or else they will be a hollowgasts. You have to see the film to understand that part I guess. 

Anyways this was an experience that I would definitely repeat some time soon, because I really enjoyed this new world!


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